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The 13 Postpartum Essentials You Need to Take Care of YOU

It's not just the baby who needs special care.

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Having a baby is a monumental life change. There are countless articles about what to pack in your hospital bag, what soaps you should use, what formula, even which burp clothes are best, but because we are all so wrapped up in the baby, we too often forget about the mom who just went through a very traumatic experience and needs to recover.

No longer. As a mom, I've been there — sore, exhausted, and trying to heal while caring for a newborn. After my second child, I found several postpartum essentials that make that period so much easier, and I am sharing them with you here. From ice packs to underwear to bidets, these are the best postpartum essentials for new moms.

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Best Pain Relief Spray
Dermoplast Pain, Burn & Itch Spray
Dermoplast amazon.com

Oh sweet, sweet relief. Dermoplast is the universe's gift to your perineum after giving birth. Whoever invented this deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor, The Nobel Prize, and a package full of gold stars. 

Chances are, your hospital will give you a bottle of this when you give birth. That bottle won't last long. Buy a few more and spray away. 

Pro tip: Even after your perineum heals, this is wonderful to use a few minutes before your Brazilian wax. It really numbs well.

More: Postpartum Bathing Suits That Are As Comfortable As They Are Flattering.

Best Perineal Ice Packs
Perineal Ice & Heat Packs for Postpartum Soothing Relief (Pack of 2)
Ninja Mama amazon.com
$9.99 (33% off)

When your perineum feels like it just got hit with a semi truck going 80 miles per hour, a cool gel pack or a warm heating pad on your nether regions might be just the thing to soothe your battered undercarriage. The covers are machine-washable, and the gel packs themselves are easy to wash and sanitize. Just pop one in your panties and exhale loudly.

Best Bidet
Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care
FridaBaby amazon.com
$13.59 (15% off)

If you haven't given birth yet, I'm not trying to freak you out, but your days of toilet paper are over for a little while. Fortunately, you can fill this sprayer with warm water and it works like a handheld bidet. It actually feels really, really good. 

Pro tip: If you're going out and about, bring a warm bottle of water in the thermal part of your diaper bag to fill it up on the go. Cold works, but it is jarring. (But honestly, it might be nice.)

Best Disposable Panties
Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear
FridaBaby amazon.com

Ask any mom what they wish the hospital gave them more of when leaving the hospital, and they will tell you – the mesh underwear. Those things are so stretchy and so comfortable, it's amazing they don't sell them in the gift shop.

Frida Mom figured this out, and went and made them better. They stretch more than Sally Impossible's arms, they hold a pad perfectly, and you can toss them at the end of the day. A gift, really.

Best Postpartum Panties
Period Panties: Hipster for Women
Bambody amazon.co.uk

Eventually, your postpartum flow will slow down, but since tampons are out, and remembering to change a pad is tricky with a newborn, these period panties are a lifesaver. They're absorbent, comfy, and best of all, machine washable. 

When your cycle eventually starts again, these are wonderful to have for your medium-to-light flow days. They truly don't leak.

Best Belly Band Panty
Leonisa Postpartum Belly Band Panty
Leonisa amazon.com

I have had multiple lower abdominal surgeries, and a little compression can provide great relief. This postpartum belly band panty allows you to adjust how tight you want the fit to be. The full-coverage back means that you won't get your panties riding into uncomfortable spaces. They have ample stretch to accommodate your changing body, as well. 

Best Shampoo for Postpartum Hair Loss
Gold Plus TS Shampoo for Hair Growth
· TS SHAMPOO amazon.com

Why does no one tell you that after you have a baby, all of that luxurious hair you had during pregnancy just sort of, falls out? It's jarring, let me tell you.

Because of that, I have been looking for a solid postpartum shampoo for a long time, and finally, one exists. Devotees of the product claim that it makes their hair look and feel fuller, and that regrowth speeds up. For me, where I noticed the biggest difference was around my temples and at the top of my forehead, where the thinning was most obvious. This shampoo really helped fill in those spots.

Best Breast Packs
Lansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack
Lansinoh amazon.com
$8.91 (31% off)

Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, there will be some initial breast discomfort. It's just what happens thanks to that hormonal dump. These heat/cool therapy packs can make it feel a whole lot better. They don't actually touch your nipples, which can be oversensitive and throb. The Lansinoh packs fit right into your bra, either over or under your breast pads.

Best Sitz Salt
Sitz Bath Salt
Pure Body Naturals amazon.com

Pass the baby to your partner if you can (or wait till they're napping) and draw yourself a bath using this sitz salt.

Recovery Ritual Sitz Bath Salt is absolutely a postpartum essential. The soothing oils relax the body and mind while soothing your perineum. (Bet you never thought you'd read perineum so many times in one article, did you?) Comfrey root, lavender oil, and nettle leaf have been used for centuries for postpartum care, for good reason. It's truly heavenly.

Best Over-the-Toilet Sitz
Sitz Bath for Over-the-Toilet Postpartum Care
Ralthy amazon.com

No time for a full bath, or maybe you live where you just have a shower? Get this over-the-toilet model for quick relief. You fill the basin with warm water and use the bulb to spray the treated water underneath your body, cleansing and relaxing your aching areas.

Most Essential
BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe
BUNN amazon.com

This bad boy brews 10 delicious cups of magic happy bean juice in 3 minutes and keeps it hot for hours. It's the most essential postpartum essential on this list, in my opinion. Sure, we all love a lazy French press morning, but at 5 a.m. with a crying baby, a partner who needs to get up for work, and you can only see out of one eye because you're half asleep? You need this.

Best Pajamas
Ekouaer Women's Nightgown
Ekouaer amazon.com

No pants are the best pants for the first few days after giving birth, especially when you sleep. This nightgown allows for easy nursing or pumping, and it is super soft and stretchy. You could even wear it while laboring thanks to how breezy and washable it is.  

Best Sweats
Hanes Terry Sweatpants
Hanes walmart.com

Cheap sweatpants in a dark color are your BFF. Buy them in a size larger than you think you need, and thank me later. If you bleed through them, or if your baby messes them up, you can toss them in the washer and not worry about them. 

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