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25 Best Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids That Will Make Them the Classroom Cupid

Sit back and watch the little heartthrobs work their magic! 💖🌹

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Moon Boat

As a kid, one of the best parts of Valentine's Day is heading to school with a bag full of sweet little cards and treats for all of your friends in class. Kids love personalizing the cards and picking out the perfect one for each of their classmates. This year, why not make the valentines extra special by choosing one of these carefully curated cards that we know your kids will adore?

Each set of valentines in this list has been chosen to reflect ease of signing (no more trying to write on an extremely shiny surface), budget, and overall fun factor. All you have to do is pick your favorite. (Just remember to follow your school's guidelines for safety!)

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Peaceable Kingdom Scratch-Off Silly Jokes (28-Pack)
Peaceable Kingdom amazon.com

Encourage your kid to give silly cards to his classmates for the best Valentine's Day ever. Kids will have a blast opening up their cards and rattling off the jokes to one another. 

Your little Romeo might even score some brownie points with the teacher, too. Who doesn't love a scratch-off?

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Kangaroo's Flying Paper Airplanes (32-Pack)
Kangaroo amazon.com

Instead of attaching candy to your kid's classroom valentine cards, go for an option that has a double use. These high-flying cards transform into sky-soaring paper planes.

Unlike the crumpled paper airplanes that your kid tries to make on their own, these planes are super easy to fold along the perforated lines — no origami master class required. 

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Peaceable Kingdom Maze Valentines (28-Pack)
Peaceable Kingdom amazon.com

Who doesn't love receiving a card that comes with a challenge? These valentines feature a fun maze that'll get the kids' hearts throbbing.

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Peaceable Kingdom Magic Valentine Predictor Cards (28-Pack)
Peaceable Kingdom amazon.com

Love is in the air! These valentines contain a special predictor that’ll give kids a little fortune-telling experience upon receiving one. All they have to do is ask a “yes” or “no” question and watch the future unfold.

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Valentine Fortune Teller Games (48-Pack)
Oriental Trading orientaltrading.com

It wouldn't look like Valentine's Day at school if gals and guys weren't adding a Cupid spin to the classic cootie-catcher game. Don't let the tradition die! Send your little heartbreaker to school with cards that transform into the game we all know and love.

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Hallmark Star Wars Valentines for Kids (6-Pack)
Hallmark amazon.com

Is your kid obsessed with Star Wars? She'll feel so proud filling out these cool cards for her classmates. Choose between Darth Vader or R2-D2. The translation for "Beep Bloop Bleep"? Happy Valentine's Day, of course!

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Peaceable Kingdom Flick ‘Em Stunt Car Sticker Valentines (28-Pack)
Peaceable Kingdom amazon.com

With a few quick folds, your kiddo's classmates will have a personal sized racetrack and car to do stunts with. Flick them, launch them, or just race them; these Peaceable Kingdom Flick 'Em Stunt Car Valentines are sure to be a classroom hit.

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Moon Boat Valentine's Day Cards With Buttons (48-Pack)
Moon Boat amazon.com

Each of these adorable mini Valentine's Day cards comes with a matching pin that is equally as cute! Your kiddo's classmates can pin the buttons to their backpacks or shirts, or just hold onto them as a keepsake. 

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Peaceable Kingdom Shiny Foil Tattoo Valentines (28-Pack)
Peaceable Kingdom amazon.com

Your kiddo will be excited to pass out these shiny foil heart tattoos. With four different designs to choose from, these cool temporary tats are perfect for the entire class.

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Magic Color Scratch Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards (24-Pack)
Oriental Trading Company orientaltrading.com

These Color Scratch Unicorn Valentine's Day Cards are bursting with magic! Your kid's classmates will find a rainbow unicorn design behind the layer of black chalk. Simply use the included scratching stick tool to reveal.

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UMIKU Valentine’s Party Favors Set With Heart Animal Erasers (30-Pack)
UMIKU amazon.com

Did you, or did you not love novelty erasers as a kid? Why are they so intriguing? Our only thought is that the same thing that drives us to watch people on YouTube make miniature food has something to do with it. Plus, if your kids actually use them instead of throwing the whole sheet of paper away? Bonus.

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Peaceable Kingdom Scratch and Sniff Kitten Valentines (28-Pack)
Peaceable Kingdom amazon.com

What does a cute little kitty smell like? If your guess was sweet strawberry, then you're totally right. These scratch-and-sniff valentines feature various kitties and are scented like juicy strawberries. Honestly, can you think of a better combo? 

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AMENON Bendy Pencils Valentine Cards (28-Pack)
AMENON amazon.com

Bendy pencils are right up there with novelty erasers. They're hilarious, and hard to use, but they're always a huge hit with kids. Just don't put them in the automatic pencil sharpener. 

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AMENON Valentine’s Day DIY Slime Kit (28-Pack)
AMENON amazon.com

Will parents hate you? Absolutely. But remember when they roped you into making all the cupcakes last year? Yeah, they deserve it. Just don't let your kids bring it into the house. 

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Valentine's Day Magnetic Bookmark Page Markers (40-Pack)
HESONTA amazon.com

As book nerds raising book nerds, we really appreciate the practicality of these valentines. They wrap around the pages, marking your spot. These are easily the most unique valentine on the list. 

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Valentine’s Day Cards, Including Mustaches and Envelopes (28-Pack)
Unomor amazon.com

My kids are big, big fans of silly wearable mustaches, and why shouldn't they be? It seems like almost every dude either sports a full beard or some ironic mustache, these days, why do they get all the fun? 

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AOJOYS Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids (36-Pack)
AOJOYS amazon.com

You'd be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn't love temporary tattoos. The short-lived body art found in these valentines are especially fun, featuring things like smiling cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Plus, they have the cutest pink envelopes. 

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Light-Up Rotating Bracelets Valentine's Bear Toys (28-Pack)
AMENON amazon.com

These bracelets not only light up, but they also spin. We cannot imagine the joy we would have felt had we received this as a valentine as a kid. It blows candy out of the water.  

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Dinosaur Valentine's Day Gifts Cards for Kids (25-Pack)
HESONTA amazon.com

These could not get any sweeter for little kids. They're little baby dinosaur cards that hold a pencil and read things like "you make my heart roar." We cannot take the cute. 

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Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts (10-Pack)
Brach's amazon.com

This is an absolute classic, and I for one, think that no childhood is complete without trying to read through the lines at what your specific combination of hearts means for your secret crush. "One and Only" with "BFFs" what could it mean?

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JOYIN Valentines Cards with Squishies (18-Pack)
JOYIN amazon.com

There are a million versions of these squishies on the market, and with good reason — kids love them. They are a bit reminiscent of  the squeeze-style stress balls of the '90s, but a heck of a lot cuter. 

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Welch's Fruit Snack Gummies Valentines Day (32-Pack)
Welch's Valentines Day Gummies amazon.com

How many fruit snacks have your kids eaten in their lives? About a million, right? They're just so tasty and easy to pack. These are special heart-shaped fruit snack packs with spaces to write on, making them a delicious valentine.

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JOYIN 28-Pack With Glowing Heart Glasses
JOYIN amazon.com
$19.95 (17% off)

The glowing heart glasses included in these valentines are arguably ridiculous, which just means your kids will like them even better. They're silly and cheerful, and they'd make a great photo opportunity. 

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Valentines Day Cards for Kids — Mini Bubble Wands (32-Pack)
Mibor amazon.com

Bubble wands are even better for kids than they are for weddings because there's little risk a child will accidentally sit on and break them, spilling the soapy liquid all over a blush-colored silk designer gown. 

Plus, bubbles are fun.

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LIK-M-AID Fun Dip Valentine Candy and Card Kit
Fun Dip amazon.com

This 24 pack of Fun Dip and valentines is a kid's dream. You remember Fun Dip, right? Slightly sour sugar powder that you eat with a stick made of solid sugar? It colors your tongue and makes your lips pucker? It's fairly wonderful for the under-15 set, which makes this a great choice. 

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