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Glossier’s New Body Hero Exfoliating Bar Is a Moisturizing Massage for Your Skin

It smells incredible and works gently to remove dead skin.

glossier exfoliating bar

There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder — do they really work? In our I Tried It series, we set out to use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really do.

On trial: Glossier's Body Hero Exfoliating Bar

The tester: Kristin Magaldi, who has dry skin year-round and often forgets that exfoliating is an important step in any skincare regimen

The Brief: As someone who is always looking for moisturizing solutions for ultra dry skin, Glossier is forever on my radar for its wide array of products that offer long-lasting hydration. I've long been a fan of the Milky Jelly Cleanser, which is one of the few face washes that doesn't leave my skin feeling parched and tight after use, so when I heard Glossier's latest venture was expanding its Body Hero line, I got excited.

Immediately, I wanted to try the Body Hero Exfoliating Bar for two reasons: exfoliating the skin on my body is admittedly a skincare step I often ignore, and I was highly skeptical that a product that looks like a bar of soap could motivate me to add it to my routine. Come winter, though, the skin on my legs, hands, feet, and elbows is so dry, moisturizing simply isn't enough, which meant that I really needed an alternate solution.

The Body Hero Exfoliating Bar is not just a gently textured bar meant to slough off layers of dead skin, but it has moisturizing ingredients to nourish the new skin that's revealed. Finely milled, biodegradable bamboo serves as the abrasive surface within the bar to scrub off dead skin without feeling like you've rubbed yourself raw. Then, sunflower seed oil and aloe leaf juice add a touch of moisture and keep it locked in, ensuring that the skin now surfaced won't dry out as well.

glossier exfoliating bar in use

For the most part, the bar is designed like a typical soap bar with a small well on one side, meant to hold a few pumps of the Body Hero Oil Wash for an extra moisturizing step. And Glossier is definitely not skipping out on the scent with this one; an orange blossom neroli blend gives the bar an elevated perfume-y smell that will stick to your skin for hours.

The Body Hero Exfoliating Bar is quick and easy to use. Simply wet it in the shower so it starts lathering, then massage it in circles around your skin. You'll immediately notice that the exfoliation is by no means aggressive, but still feels like it's taking off the dead skin. The bar also gets soapy and does a decent job cleaning the skin, although I would advise using a body wash alongside it. When you step out of the shower, moisturize your skin as you normally would to help keep the new skin healthy. Do this for two to three times a week, and you'll definitely notice a difference.

3 glossier exfoliating bars splashed with water

My first impression of the Body Hero Exfoliating Bar was that it really smelled fantastic; it was like stepping into the lobby of a nice hotel or a high-quality perfume shop. That in itself was a huge motivator to keep using it. After massaging it in circles around the surface of my skin, I noticed after coming out of the shower that there weren't as many dry patches on my legs. My body moisturizer helped prolong the hydrated feeling, and I also noticed that using the bar before shaving helped get a closer shave.

The biggest downside of this product is that, like most bars of soap, it melts in the shower. Unlike a bottled product, bars tend to wear away even when you're not using them because of the repeated exposure to water. I always thought Lush had a great solution to this; they sell reusable tins to keep body bars in so you get more use out of them. I think if Glossier had packed this product with a reusable tin, it'd be a lot more economical to use. By the third time I used the bar, it was already starting to melt away, feeling soft and a lot less abrasive when applied to my skin.

Closing Argument: I really like the Body Hero Exfoliating Bar, and I think it's incredibly useful, but there are still a few kinks to work out. The smell is incredible and lasted long enough that I didn't need to wear perfume. The exfoliator also worked, removing dead skin from some of the driest parts of my body, but it needs a container so it can be used for longer.

Body Hero Exfoliating Bar
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