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30 College Graduation Gifts That’ll Help Them Leave Campus in Style

When the meal plan runs out, adulthood begins.

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College graduation is such a major milestone, and it only makes sense to commemorate this day with a truly special gift. Whether you go practical or sentimental is up to you — we know they will so appreciate it either way.

We chose these 30 college graduation gifts to provide a range of ideas that'll help them celebrate this event. Aside from being the perfect way to splurge on their behalf, these gifts will help them navigate the brand new world of post-campus life. They include gadgets and decor for their new place, gift cards that'll help offset the cost of essentials, and some investment pieces that they'll use and love for years to come.

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Their New Favorite To-Go Cup
Personalized Yeti Class of 2021 Tumbler
FlowertownWeddings etsy.com

This personalized Yeti tumbler is a college graduation gift your grad will especially be grateful for once they start working.

Each 20-ounce tumbler is made of double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel to keep drinks hot or cold for several hours.

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A Fancy Folio
Personalized Zip Leather Portfolio
HudsonLace etsy.com

This personalized leather folio is perfect for the young professional, giving them a sleek way to transport their resumé and portfolio for a future in-person job interview. They can also use this college graduation gift to keep their work computer or tablet securely under wraps.

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For Crushing All Her Goals
Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace
InfiniteSisters etsy.com

Congratulate your girl while encouraging her to keep killing it. This handmade pendant features a piece of cracked glass at its center to symbolize the achievements of women from the past, present, and future.

She'll keep this college graduation gift close to her heart as she navigates the working world.

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The Always-Appreciated Gift
Amazon Gift Card in a Graduation Cap Box
Amazon amazon.com

Have them treat themselves to a big-ticket household item from Amazon on your dime. This gift card comes with an adorable graduation cap box that's ideal for the occasion! 

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A Map of Their Favorite City
Custom Map Print
SunWallArt etsy.com

If your grad is moving far away from their college town, this mod map makes for a sweet mountable memento to remind them of their favorite spots. Simply send the seller the name of your recipient's city or school, and they'll receive a custom print that won't disappoint.

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A Set of New Wheels
Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter
Gotrax amazon.com

Help your grad get from point A to point B with ease. This reviewer-favorite electric scooter has a 17-mile battery life and 220-pound weight limit, and it's loaded with essential features for a safe, efficient ride.

Its dual braking system slows the scooter down with both manual and electric brakes, the digital display lets them keep an eye on battery life and speed, and its 300-watt motor scoots them along at speeds up to 15.5 mph. No locking-up or docking needed — they can fold it up and carry it when they're done with their ride.

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A Mat That Says It All
Customizable Outdoor Doormat With Pop-On Circular Tiles
FREELOOP amazon.com

If they were enthusiastic about switching up the messaging on their letterboard during their first semester of school, they can apply that same concept to this clever mat for their new home!

This silicone mat can be used in their entryway, bathroom, or kitchen as a bright and ever-changing accent. It comes with 500 circular tiles that can be swapped out to create any look they want.

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Hasta la Vista, Barista
OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker
OXO amazon.com

You can't stop them from spending major $$$ on caffeine, but you can give them the ability to make their own on the cheap at home. 

This 16-ounce cold-brew coffee maker from OXO is one of our favorites for its small footprint, intuitive setup, and ability to produce strong and delicious-tasting cold brew.

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A Gorgeous Piece of Cookware
The Dutchess Dutch Oven
Great Jones greatjonesgoods.com

The last thing you want to get as a graduation gift is something that they will thank you profusely for — but never use. Getting a cast-iron Dutch oven, like this one from Great Jones, will help ensure that won't happen.

Available in a fun spectrum of eight colors, The Dutchess can be used on the stovetop or in the oven to make everything from stews to cinnamon rolls to Thanksgiving dinner. It looks cute, yes, but it was designed with wide pot handles, a snug-fitting lid, and even a dishwasher-safe build — all features that are meant to help put a little more joy in their cooking.

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A Chair That Won't Kill Their Back
CLIQ Chair
CLIQ cliqproducts.com

They may be entering the real world, but, hey, it's still summertime. Splurge on their behalf for the ultra cool CLIQ chair, a lightweight camping chair that'll allow them to kick back in supportive comfort anywhere.

Available in six colors, this seat is sure to be a trusty sidekick at many tailgates, outdoor concerts, and picnic hangs to come.

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For Keeping Tabs on Health Stuff
Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker
Fitbit amazon.com
$98.95 (34% off)

Your grad doesn't have to be a fitness junkie to appreciate getting a Fitbit Charge 4 as a college graduation gift. Just using it at a very basic level will help to arm them with knowledge about their health that they wouldn't have otherwise. By strapping it to their wrist, they can monitor heart rate, steps, calories burned, and even their quality of sleep.

Beyond that, the Charge 4 offers over 20 goal-based workout modes, syncing with their smartphone for notifications, and a feature-packed app that allows for plenty of customization.

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Their New Entertainment Hub
Apple iPad Air (4th Generation)
Apple amazon.com
$539.00 (10% off)

This might be a college graduation gift to go in on with a few people, but we are certain that your grad will absolutely love it. The latest generation of the iPad Air has all of the features that they'll want from a tablet without any of the excessive bells and whistles from more expensive models. 

It has a large and vibrant Retina display, thin bezels, as well as True Tone tech — this can help eye strain by automatically adjusting the color temperature in different lighting conditions.

They're already an iPad owner? Then consider these awesome iPad accessories to give them an upgrade.

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A Game for Sunny Days With Friends
Spikeball Game Set
Spikeball amazon.es

This popular outdoor game will have them making the most out of every sunny day. Spikeball is a lot like volleyball but without all of the set-up hassle. The flexible, hula-hoop-sized net stands on its foldable legs and can be taken to the beach or the park to give four players plenty of space to run around.

The net completely disassembles and all pieces can fit into the handy drawstring bag to stow and carry.

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The Rainy-Day Essential
Reversible Windproof and Waterproof Umbrella
lanxiry amazon.com

Their campus umbrella may very well be hanging on by a thread — make sure they have this sturdy pick on standby. It has a wind-tunnel-tested aerodynamic design, with rounded edges to prevent them from poking passersby.

Its compact design also lets them keep it in their bag if a surprise rainstorm rolls in while they're out.

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The Post-Grad Backpack
Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack
Timbuk2 amazon.com

Believe it or not, they will most likely need a new backpack for their post-grad years, whether as a weekender bag for stashing clothes and toiletries, or for shuffling their laptop and work accoutrements from the apartment to the office.

This Timbuk2 laptop backpack is a huge improvement over their college-era knapsack, featuring a plethora of pockets and a sturdy internal slot for a laptop up to 17 inches.

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Meal Planning 101
Blue Apron Subscription
Blue Apron blueapron.com

Usher in the post-college-graduation era of home cooking with a gift card to Blue Apron. Each box contains sustainably sourced, conveniently portioned ingredients with detailed recipe cards, so they'll know exactly how the dish is supposed to look when it's complete.

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For Their First Networking Function
MOO Gift Card
MOO moo.com

If your grad is launching right into their entrepreneurial enterprise, or is trying to network to find a job out of school, help give them a boost by treating them to their first set of custom business cards as a college graduation gift.

MOO's cards come in a variety of shapes and paper-stock options while giving them the ability to customize the design to their personality and desired field.

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A Sleek Card Holder
Dagne Dover Accordion Leather Card Case
DAGNE DOVER nordstrom.com

As for stashing those newly minted cards? This chic leather card holder from Dagne Dover so perfectly fits this new chapter of their life. Its accordion-style interior holds business cards, credit cards, and cash at the ready.

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Trivia for the Lifelong Learner
Things They Don't Teach You in School Game
Hygge Games thepaperstore.com

Your grad may think they know it all now that they have their degree, but this super random trivia card game will prove that they still have a lot to learn.

Questions like, "In what year was shampoo invented?" and "Why doesn't the Mona Lisa have eyebrows? will stump the crowd while starting the party.

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For the First Apartment
Cartman Orange 39-Piece Tool Set
CARTMAN amazon.com

This 39-piece toolkit may seem a bit much for a college graduation gift, but just wait. They'll be so happy to have this standby set on hand for making edits and additions to their new apartment.

The extensive set includes a tape measure, box cutter, numerous pliers and screwdriver bits, scissors, and a hammer.

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For Helping Them Find Their Way
Beam Electronics Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount
Beam Electronics amazon.com

If you're not looking to splurge, this car mount makes for the perfect practical college graduation gift. Ideal for any driver, they'll be able to attach this mount to the air vent and easily view any navigation. The 360-degree rotation allows them to adjust to having the perfect view of their screen.

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For Keeping Them Open-Minded
Anywhere Travel Guide
Chronicle Books walmart.com

If your college graduate is planning to take some time off to travel before launching into their job search, this quirky travel deck makes for a fun send-off college graduation gift.

Unlike a traditional guidebook, it encourages travelers to make friendly conversation with strangers, explore the surrounding area of a city instead of just its epicenter, and travel (using their best judgment!) off the beaten path.

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The 7-in-1 Wonder
Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker
Instant Pot amazon.com

No on-campus cafeteria? No worries. Weeknight meals are made in a jiffy with this six-quart Instant Pot.

With 14 built-in Micro-Processor controlled programs, this college graduation gift allows users to slow-cook everything from meats, stews, and chilis, to rice, breakfast porridge, and other grains.

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For Enjoying Relaxing Vibes
Vitruvi Stone Diffuser
VITRUVI amazon.com

Post-college life is stressful, to say the least. This editor-favorite essential oil diffuser by Vitruvi is a college graduation gift that will allow them to wind down, relax, and sleep better all night long.

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The Gadget That'll Clean for Them
Eufy RoboVac 25C Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum
eufy walmart.com

Having a tidy environment is key to productivity. The highly rated Eufy RoboVac 25C robot vacuum by Anker will keep their living quarters clean without needing to lift a finger.

It has a slim profile — which allows it to easily reach under most couches and beds — along with robust suction power and up to 100 minutes of cleaning time between charges. Control it with touch, voice controls, or Eufy's compatible smartphone app.

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The Best Sheets They'll Ever Own
Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle
Brooklinen brooklinen.com

There's nothing better than a crisp set of new sheets to upgrade their cheap, undergrad bedding! We're quite keen on gifting Brooklinen's Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle as a chic foundational set with its high-quality, silky sateen weave.

The seven-piece set allows you to mix and match the sheets with the pillow cases and the duvet cover.

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The Instant Apartment Upgrade
CosmoLiving Trevia Folding Wine Rack
CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan wayfair.com

Now that college is over, they'll need some chic decor to spruce up their new pad. This folding wine rack from CosmoLiving will bring a clean, minimalist design to any room while offering storage for their wine bottles and glasses.

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For a Closet Makeover
Stitch Fix Gift Card
Stitch Fix stitchfix.com

Even if they've slowly been acquiring business attire over the last few semesters, soon their entire wardrobe will need to be office-appropriate. Help them start their closet makeover with a Stitch Fix credit as a college graduation gift.

Stitch Fix is a stylist-curated box of threads, picked for their specific tastes. They'll fill out their own style profile on the site and set the date for their first shipment, and anything they don't like, they can send back! If they love the service, they can sign up for recurring boxes.

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For Endless Smoothies and Protein Shakes
Ninja Professional Countertop Blender
Ninja walmart.com

Nothing says "Welcome to the real world" like gifting a new grad a kitchen appliance. 

This Ninja professional blender will come in handy for their morning shakes. It also makes pretty amazing frozen drinks.

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For Backup When They Need It
Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
Seagate amazon.com

Gift the college grad a little added insurance in the event of a sudden computer crash. This 1 TB external hard drive is formatted for Windows, but it's compatible with Mac OS X, making it ideal for users who work on various machines.

It's able to store up to 1,000 hours of digital video, or up to 16,660 hours of digital music.

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