We here at BestProducts.com spend our days — you guessed it! — testing products. And we mean every day. Whether it’s a new smartphone that just launched, an innovative beauty tool that promises smoother skin, or a laundry detergent made by a company that's trying to save the environment, we use the products we write about in real life. But, some products require a more rigorous testing process, which is why we’ve developed a separate method for how we examine these specific items.

how we tested

From start to finish, our process takes three months. The first month is the research phase. Our editors spend time researching new, best-selling, and highly rated products available in the market and pick 10 to 20 different versions to test in house. The second month is for testing, during which our editors are given ample time to use the product in their daily lives. The third month is for ensuring we're presenting our findings in a digestible format for our readers. So, we gather all feedback from testers, design how the piece is going to look, and send it through our editing process — a few times — to make sure the article is up to snuff before going live.

We focus our meticulous testing on six different categories and target products our readers use the most. Since they get the highest amount of use, we know users really dig into their research and spend the most money on them. Each of these spaces receives a unique treatment when it comes to product testing.

Here’s our breakdown.


When it comes to testing beauty products, it's important for us to test on a diverse group of women and men who have varying hair textures/colors, skin problems/tones/types, aging concerns, etc. Beauty is personal. Our readers want to spend their money on products that actually work — and work on testers with their same issues. We're constantly looking for that miracle wrinkle cream or perfect dry shampoo — but we understand that a deeper level of analysis is needed for most buyers to feel like their purchase will solve their individual problems. So, we ask testers to answer the following questions:

  • What's your skin/hair type?
  • How long does the product last?
  • How long did the product take to produce results?
  • How does the product feel? And how does that compare to your "normal"?
  • Does the product live up to its claims?
  • Is the product a good value?
  • Would you swap this product for what you normally use?
  • Would you recommend this product to a friend?

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    We aim to appeal to the person who knows a little something about tech gadgets, but wouldn’t call themselves a connoisseur. They know what they need and they know why they need it (or, you know, want it), but they're not quite sure which one will be ideal for them. When we analyze tech products, we keep a wide audience in mind and ensure we’re providing clear, actionable information — with the goal of finding a model for each of the variety of shoppers we see. Here are some things we ask our testers.

    • Does the product live up to claims?
    • What’s the battery life like?
    • Is it light/heavy enough?
    • How does the product fit into your everyday life?
    • Is the product easy to set up?
    • What’s the overall ease of use like?
    • Did this product contain additional useful or surprising features?
    • Would you purchase this product for yourself or a friend?
    • Was there anything you didn't like?

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      Buying an appliance, big or small, is often an investment. You expect your appliances to last a long time, make your everyday life easier, and not cause extra stress. For instance, your new washing machine should last years and years, your new robot vacuum should mean the end of dust bunnies, and your new blender should make eating healthy a breeze. That’s why we do a vast amount of research, first, to determine which products are actually worth testing and recommending. Here are some things we ask our testers.

      • What’s the setup process like?
      • Is this product something you’d use on a regular basis?
      • Does it fit into the space of your home or routine?
      • Does it look/feel substantial?
      • Does it actually work?
      • Would you use this product over what you currently own?
      • Does this product have a good value?
      • What features do you love or hate?
      • Does the warranty feel appropriate?

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        Our average reader isn’t a personal trainer or a mountain climber; he or she is usually breaking into a new sport/adventure, upgrading their gear to support their fitness goals, or investing in products to fit health into their busy lives. Like beauty testing, fitness is personal. Our goal is to test a range of health and fitness products — from low to high price and low to high commitment level — that'll help our reader reach their goals and stay within their budget. Here are some things we ask our testers.

        • What's your body type?
        • What's your normal level of activity?
        • Does the product fit properly?
        • Does it live up to claims?
        • Is the product comfortable?
        • Did the product withstand your level of activity?
        • Did the product help you during your workout?
        • Would you use this product again?

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          We test products in the home space to make your time in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. more comfortable. And since these products are typically getting daily use, we look for longevity. That's why we typically have a longer testing period for our home products and require testers to wash the product multiple times or use it for a few months on end. New sheets feel great — but how do they feel after being slept on for three months with weekly washes? Here are some things we ask our testers:

          • How does the product feel?
          • Does it hold up after washing?
          • Would you swap what you’re currently using for this product?
          • How does it wear and tear?
          • Does it live up to it's claims?
          • Would you use it year around?
          • Does it solve any problems for you?
          • Would you continue using this after the testing phase?

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