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Grandin Road’s New Halloween Pieces Will Have You Decorating Your Home in Spooky Style

From metallic pumpkins to the Hocus Pocus snack stand, we want it all.

grandin road halloween decorations
Grandin Road

Before you know it, it’ll be time to transform your home into a haunted house in honor of Halloween. Grandin Road sells home décor and furnishings for all sorts of occasions, but its spooky pieces are ones you definitely don’t want to pass up. From black, melting candles to a witch’s broom food server to bat lanterns, these unique pieces will beat the classic pumpkins and skulls you have in storage. Ready to shake it up this holiday? We picked out our favorite pieces from the collection, but you can check out everything here.

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1 High Shine Metallic Pumpkins

Classic orange pumpkins are great, but why not change it up? These metallic pumpkins come in copper, gold, and silver options that will add a special touch to your fall décor.

2 Skeleton Hands Wine Glasses

Your cabinet may already be stocked with wine glasses, but having ones that are wrapped with skeleton hands will make your next glass of vino especially spooky.

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3 Dripping Wax Candle

These black candles have a “dripping wax” detail to give them a creepy vibe. You can get them in 6.25-, 8-, and 12-inch options. Pro tip: Get all three and group them together for a cool height look.

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4 Hocus Pocus Snack Bowl Stand

You can’t possibly do the Monster Mash with your friends this Halloween without having plenty of snacks. Now, when you serve up guacamole, hummus, and other dips, you can serve them in this snack stand that features pumpkin bowls and a broom stand.

5 Animated Saber Tooth Tiger Skeleton

You just might scare yourself with this sabertooth skeleton! The animated outdoor decoration is sound-activated and moves its jaw open and closed, and growls. Those fiery red eyes are sure to creep out anyone who walks by it.

6 Halloween Boo Coir Door Mat

The simplest way to add Halloween fun to your outdoor space? A door mat! Grandin Road has a bunch of them, but this festive “boo” one features a ghost, spiderweb, and pumpkin to make it Oct. 31-ready.

7 Pre-Lit 12-Inch Haunted House

It has to be illegal not to have a haunted house in your space for Halloween, right? This 12-inch one has LED lights that shine through the windows. It’s battery-powered with an optional 6-hour timer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to shut it off.

8 Dragon Scale Lit Pumpkins

Dragons have entered the chat … in the form of pumpkins. There are burgundy, copper, and black options with scaly detail to give it just enough pop compared to regular pumpkins.

9 Hocus Pocus Three Tiered Server

You may have mastered your charcuterie board skills, but now you can take it up a notch by serving it on a three-tiered server. It has a broom base with three platters that get smaller as it gets higher. Your guests are sure to gravitate towards this fun piece!

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10 Bat Lantern

Picture it: Your front porch is covered in a few hanging bat lanterns that illuminate through the every October night. They’re battery-operated and have an optional 6-hour timer. Plus, they can be used indoors or outdoors.

11 Enchanted Mansion Wreath

Who says wreaths are just for Christmastime? This one is made of dark faux flowers, berries, greenery, and skulls that will certainly make a statement every time someone knocks on the door.

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12 Gold Stacked Skull Topiary

Halloween isn’t complete without skulls, and this stack features three of them in different sizes. The piece is pre-lit with warm white LED lights in the eyes and, yes, they’re battery-operated with an optional 6-hour timer. Good luck figuring out where to put it, because it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

13 Harvest Globe Light Strand

How good is your backyard going to look with orange string lights overheard? Each strand has 15 LED globes and there are five unique shades of orange. The hues will create a warm space all throughout the fall.

14 Twilight Witches Cornhole Set

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, you’re going to want activities for your guests. Keep with the theme by snagging this witch-inspired cornhole set, complete with purple, star-covered beanbags.

15 Witch Hands Snack Bowl Stand

On top of a stack of fake books, you’ll find three snack bowls held up by creepy witch hands. They make the perfect home to the chips and pretzels you’ll be snacking on while you watch Hocus Pocus.

16 Farmhouse Hanging Witch Ghost

Better start picking out a tree to hanging this witch ghost from! It features a white sheet, black witch hat, and chain. The head glows in a warm white, which will look extra scary as it sways back and forth on a cold October night.

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