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10 Best Spice Jars for Your Neatest and Most Organized Pantry Yet

See how just a pinch of organization can make everything taste better.

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When was the last time you sorted through your spice collection? If all of your seasonings are scattered across your cabinets in mismatched bottles and shakers, it can be easy to overlook what you have on hand until they get really stale.

Along with getting a spice rack to help keep you organized, we recommend using these spice jars to give everything you want to use more often an easier-to-find home. They're an affordable upgrade that makes a big difference.

The Best Spice Jars

Transferring the spices that you already own into spice jars not only helps your collection look neater, but they offer a reliably airtight seal to help keep your spices as fresh as possible. Plus, buying spices in bulk and shopping from single-origin purveyors can be an easy way to make your kitchen a little eco-friendlier. The same cannot be said for buying individual grinders or plastic shakers from the supermarket. (PSA: Those mini grinders are single-use and not made to be refilled.)

Whether you're a minimalist with a taste for just the basics or your palate for spice knows no bounds, these neat sets of spice jars can help keep what you use fresh and readily available.

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Best for a Big Collection
Glass Square Spice Containers
AOZITA amazon.com

• Jar capacity: 4 ounces
• Set of 24

These spice jars are the clear crowd favorite on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews. If you are sick of the mismatched messiness of your current spice setup, this can help get everything squared away.

The set includes 24 rectangular glass jars, all with detachable shaker lids, tons of labels, and even a silicone funnel for a less-messy spice transfer. If your collection includes a mix of whole and ground spices, this one offers you the flexibility to store everything exactly the way you need to.

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Best Wooden-Cap Jars
Spice Jars with Wood Airtight Lids
Tzerotone amazon.com

• Jar capacity: 6 ounces
• Set of 12

Somehow, these glass spice jars make anything that's stored in them look a lot nicer. Each is topped with a snug bamboo-wood lid, and they're great for streamlining the pantry into an organized haven. 

Users love how aesthetically pleasing these spice jars are but note that they are not made of thick glass. 

Best Custom-Labeled Set
Glass Spice Jar Set
JacksGiftShop etsy.com

• Jar capacity: 3.6 ounces
• Set of 12

If you have a stash of 12 seasonings that you're pretty faithful to, give them a more stylish display with these cylindrical spice jars. 

This Etsy seller lets you list your favorite dozen spices, and they'll produce vinyl lettering for each jar. The jars themselves each have a rubber seal and a metal clasp to keep the contents fresh. 

Best Large Jars
Large Food Container Glass Jar With Wooden Lid
LuckyglobalLK etsy.com

• Jar capacity: 42, 65, or 92 ounces

While 4-ounce containers may be plenty for stowing the spices you occasionally use, you may need to get smarter secondary storage for the seasonings you buy in bulk.

These large glass containers not only look good, but they help keep your surplus of seasonings fresh and neatly stored until you need them. They are available individually or as a set, and they can be used for so much more than just spices. (Health food store granola, anyone?)

Best Magnetic Jars
Gneiss Spice Large Empty Magnetic Spice Jars
Gneiss Spice amazon.com

• Jar capacity: 4 ounces
• Set of 12

Keep your spices right where you can see them at all times with this cute set of 12 magnetic jars from Gneiss Spice. Available in sets of various amounts and sizes, they attach to your fridge (or any other magnetic surface) and fit together in a honeycomb-like formation.

Just note that these spice jars don't contain shaker tops, so these are better for salts or ground spices that you want to add by the teaspoon.

Best for Countertop Display
Spice Jar & Rack Set
Rebrilliant wayfair.com

• Jar capacity: 4 ounces
• Set of 12

If you love your spice collection but hate having to dig it out of your pantry every time you turn your stove on, bring your 12 most-loved spices to the countertop with this handy rack with included jars.

The 12 glass jars provide a uniform look and are easy to insert and remove from the rack. They're unlabeled, though, so you may want to have your label maker handy to avoid any mix-ups.

Prettiest Jars
The Pioneer Woman Floral Medley Spice Jars
The Pioneer Woman walmart.com

• Jar capacity: 2 ounces
• Set of 6

With spice jars this pretty on hand, you'll be reaching for your seasonings way more often! Though pretty small, these glass jars are a standout for their vintage-inspired, sculpted-glass style and colorful ceramic tops. 

Reviewers also say that the tops also have thick rubber stoppers on them and are very secure when closed.

Most Secure Jars
Le Parfait Super Terrine Canning Jar
Le Parfait amazon.com

• Jar capacity: 4 ounces
• Set of 4

With a leak-proof, secure gasket lid, these sturdy glass spice jars from Le Parfait keep your seasonings completely sealed for freshness. 

Even though they're weighty, I love how substantial they are while still being endlessly useful for other kitchen storage needs. Beyond storing dry goods, they're also great for keeping infusions, overnight oats, homemade sauces, and quick-pickled produce fresh in the fridge. 

Best All-Purpose Jars
Ball Mason Jelly Jars
SEWANTA amazon.com

• Jar capacity: 4 ounces
• Set of 12

These classic 4-ounce miniature Mason jars from Ball will add a touch of rustic charm to any spice rack, kitchen counter, or a wall shelf. Not only that, but they are one of the most versatile spice jars you can buy. 

The glass has heat-tempered durability, and their lids give a reliably airtight seal, so you can even use these for home preserving. 

Best Refillable Spice Canisters
Auto Measure Carousel Spice Jar & Rack Set
Prep & Savour wayfair.com

• Jar capacity: 4.5 ounces

This 9-inch-wide turntable spice rack holds a total of 12 refillable spice jars. Plus, they have a very fun feature: an auto-measure dial. 

After you spin the lazy Susan to select your spice, you can remove any spice canister from the rack, hold it over your dish, and turn the dial to dispense 1/4 teaspoon of it at a time. This spice jar and rack set also come with 55 stick-on labels for nearly every type of cooking spice you can think of.

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