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15 Toddler Backpacks That Will Get Them Excited About Being a First-Time Student

Small but mighty.

toddlers with backpacks walking down school hallway

Getting your kid ready to go to daycare or school has never been easier (or cuter!) Toddler backpacks are more durable and stylish than ever, and we've searched high and low to find the cutest backpacks that your toddler will love, even if they're not jazzed about daycare. From lions to spunky prints, there's an adorable miniature backpack out there for your little one.

And because size matters, we made sure these toddler backpacks are just the right size for your little one. They're perfect for your preschooler who needs just enough space to tote around their school supplies, art projects, and a mid-afternoon snack. Check out our top picks and bring home a toddler backpack your tot can rock in style.

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Most-Trusted Brand
Wildkin 12 Inch Kids Backpack
Wildkin amazon.com

Wildkin is a trusted and popular brand when it comes to backpacks — and rightfully so! Every backpack is designed to endure heavy loads of popsicle-stick artwork and all of the markers your kid insists on dragging back and forth to school.  

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Best Friendly-Face Backpack
Toddler Backpack, Waterproof Backpack
KK CRAFTS amazon.com

This backpack is perfect for the cutie pie who's feeling confident on their first day of preschool. Store snacks, toys, and more in this pint-sized pack that looks just like a friendly robot. It's also available in multiple styles.

Best Spacious Backpack
Vaschy Dinosaur Backpack
Vaschy amazon.com

Most kids are absolutely mesmerized by dinosaurs. For kids (and some adults), dinos are like mystical creatures that actually lived. Inspire your little paleontologist with this colorful and spacious dinosaur backpack.   

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Best 3D Backpack
YISIBO Dinosaur Toddler Backpack
YISIBO amazon.com
$21.99 (15% off)

Admit it: All kids are strange (even yours). And some kids just go cray-cray for this backpack. Despite its spiky appearance, this bag is made from super soft and easy-to-clean neoprene fabric.

Whether they want to act like a dino or show the monsters in their closet that they aren't afraid, this bag might just be the answer for your brave kid.

Best Straps
Skip Hop Unicorn Backpack
Skip Hop amazon.com

Available in a wide selection of whimsical creatures (including this adorable unicorn), these toddler backpacks by Skip Hop feature two external pockets, slim, padded shoulder straps, and just enough room for lunch books and your little one's favorite toy. 

You can also purchase the matching water bottle and snack container for the full set.

Best Customizable
Pottery Barn Rainbow Little Critters Backpack
Pottery Barn Pottery Barn

There's no doubt that your toddler has a habit of being a little rough around the edges when it comes to taking care of their things. 

This ultra durable backpack features a water-resistant polyester exterior that protects it from premature rips and tears. If you've ever seen the cesspool that is the lost and found, you'll be jumping at the chance to add your kiddo's name on the front to keep their backpack from taking trips to that bottomless pit. Plus, it's totally monogrammable.

Best for Farm Fans
John Deere Tractor Backpack
John Deere amazon.com

Adults know John Deere for their high-quality lawn maintenance tractors. Your “things that go”-obsessed toddler will come to know this backpack as the green one with that cool tractor on the front. The simple design is perfect for your pre-K toddler who is instantly starry-eyed when they see anything that has wheels. 

Best Colorway
Skip Hop Toddler Backpack
Skip Hop target.com

There’s something about llamas that’s simply charming and so adorable, especially when used on kids’ items. The super cute embroidered design and blend of muted colors give this snap-front bag a cool, Punky Brewster vibe that you’ll totally appreciate, and of course, that they’ll love too.

Best Pair
Stephen Joseph Sidekick Lion Backpack and Lunch Box
Stephen Joseph amazon.com

Your little one will be obsessed with this adorable lion character backpack. Between the 3D details and the colorful pattern, your kiddo will be ready to show off their backpack all school year long. Tiny enough to fit on their backs comfortably while spacious enough to fit the endless stream of worksheets, this happy-faced lion will keep up with your preschooler from the fall to the summer.  

It also comes with a matching lunchbox which is just as cute, making this two-for-one deal is unbeatable. 

Cute and whimsical
ArcEnCiel Kid's Backpack
ArcEnCiel amazon.com

Don't let the eyes scare you away from this amazing backpack. Little ArcEnCiel is a robot with an attitude, and he's on a mission to get your kid's books, pens, and pesky daily folder to and from school without missing a beat. 

There are plenty of zipper pockets and compartments to equip your kid with everything they will need when they leave in the morning. Plus, the front pocket is insulated to keep their snacks at the perfect temperature all day. 

Fun Design
Toddler Dinosaur Backpack
YuPing amazon.com

Your little tyrannosaurus-loving toddler will adore this betailed backpack. The spines down the center, the easy-to-adjust straps, and the roomy interior make it just the cutest and most usable toddler backpack we ever did see. And yes, it's available in multiple colors so that every Jurassic or Cretaceous kid can find one for themselves. 

Best Retro
Hawlander Toddler Backpack
HawLander amazon.com

Everything old is new again, and this backpack certainly shines in its retro-cool colors. Perfect for older toddlers and preschoolers, this bright bag has plenty of room for papers, stickers, and even a lunch box. 

This backpack is just itching to be customized with patches and puffy paint, and for the price, it's affordable enough for that to make sense.

Best for Kids On-The-Go
Yodo Kids Insulated Toddler Backpack
yodo amazon.com

Got a runner on your hands? Yeah, we know all about them. With this adorable shark backpack, not only will your little ones be able to haul their stuff to daycare, but you'll be able to keep a solid grip on their squirmy little escape artist selves.

Best Print
Forest Animals Backpack
OREZI amazon.com

Sweet forest foxes and deer dance over the fabric of this toddler backpack. The dark fabric, cute as it is, will also do a great job at hiding stains from sticky little fingers. 

It’s roomy and easy-to-clean thanks to the tight-weave poly fabric, and the polymer-coated zipper won’t get stuck from your little zipping it up and down like it’s a toy.

Best for Nickelodeon Fans
Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Backpack
Nick Jr amazon.com
$14.95 (40% off)

If you can tell the difference between Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Everest, Skye, Zuma, Rocky, and Rubble, then this is the backpack for your kid. Paw Patrol is one of the most popular shows for toddlers, so why not celebrate your little one's love by getting them a backpack featuring the little rescuers?

And if your tot is reluctant to go to daycare or preschool, a little backpack bribery never hurts.

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