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The Best Bed Trays for Setting Up Your Workspace Anywhere

From the couch to the bed to even the bathtub, these portable trays help you break free of the home office.

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Our favorite places to eat, lounge, or get work done will always be on the couch or in bed. Bed trays offer a convenient solution for those who don't have a dedicated home office or desk at home, allowing users to prop up a stable surface whenever they need it.

There are plenty of needs for a bed tray that go beyond desk work, and our guide covers different designs to suit a variety of them.

The Best Bed Trays:

The best bed trays are ones that suit your particular purpose, are well-made, and have the features that allow you to effectively do what you want from a reclined position.

Some are equipped with lights for working in the dark, built-in mousepads, handy cubbies for propping up your devices, and hidden storage for holding frequently used supplies. Some can also tilt or fold to allow for different viewing heights and angles. The versatility of these products means that there is no one-tray-fits-all solution.

Consider your days of haphazardly balancing your tablet and a too-hot cup of coffee on your lap over — these top-rated bed trays provide a neat and organized surface at a moment's notice.

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Best Standing Desk Converter
SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk
SAIJI amazon.com
$64.99 (35% off)

Whether you do your best work standing up or nearly horizontal, this laptop desk has you covered. Its foldable legs adjust to five different heights between 9 and 13 inches, so you can use it in bed or on top of any table to create a standing desk. 

Additionally, the surface also tilts forward to four different angles, with a maximum of 36 degrees to make it even more ergonomic. Reviewers say that this bed tray's surface has just enough of a grippy texture to hold papers and devices in place when it's tilted, but it doesn't feel sticky or rubbery. 

This bed desk comes in three different colors and there's even a handy storage drawer on the device's left side to hold your pens and spare chargers.

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Best for the Bed or Bath
Hossejoy Bathtub Caddy Tray and Laptop Desk
Hossejoy amazon.com

This bamboo-wood bed tray is two units in one — the legs fold underneath and the center compartment flips up to easily turn into a bath caddy. Though the height is not adjustable, the width of this tray can extend from 30 to 43 inches long to fit your bathtub.

No matter where you're using this, it features two deep cubbies, removable trays, indented slots for both a drinking glass and a stemmed wine glass, and a designated spot for propping up a tablet or book. Bamboo is a very quick-drying material, and it's easy to clean, too — just wash it with soap and water.

Best for Holding Your Drink
Asltoy Laptop Desk for Bed
Asltoy amazon.com

What good is a bed tray if your drink is out of arm's distance? This one helps you feel less nervous about balancing a full glass of water right on top of it.

This bed tray can be used for any number of tasks, but for working on a laptop, the left side tilts up to four different angles, which allows users to elevate their wrists. The flat part of the desk can hold your mouse if you need one to work.

However, one obvious drawback of this bed tray is that may be awkward for left-handed people to use. Read on for a better alternative for lefties.

Best for Lefties
Heatfar Multi-Functional Laptop Stand
Heatfar amazon.com
$45.99 (12% off)

This ambidextrous laptop stand allows left- or right-handed people to tilt their laptop to a more comfortable viewing height while keeping their mouse surface flat. It provides built-in mousepads on both sides of the desk with an anti-slip surface.

Beyond that, this lap desk is also surprisingly feature-packed. It has a cupholder, a mini light, folding extendable legs that offer 10 or 15-inch heights, and even a built-in fan to keep your device cool as you're using it. It plugs in via USB to power the light and fan, and you can even use it to charge up to four devices at a time.

Best for Working at Night
Sofia + Sam Multitasking Memory Foam Lap Desk
Sofia + Sam amazon.com
$49.24 (10% off)

Whether you're reading in the dark or just need a little extra illuminating to get tasks done, this genius lap desk features an attachable USB light that can plug into a built-in port or directly into your laptop. 

Unlike most plush lap desks that feature wobbly bean-bag-like bottoms, this one is made of cushy, yet stable memory foam that won't easily move around while you work. 

Also great: Its extendable side surface, two device slots, and ergonomic wrist bar that’s ideal for hours of typing.

Best Basic Lap Desk
Honey-Can-Do Lap Desk
Honey-Can-Do amazon.com

A great pick for working while sprawled out on the couch or in bed, this lap desk is no-frills but it gets the job done. This design is best if you want a bed tray that holds just your laptop — it also provides you more flexibility to get up often, without having to gently maneuver your way around the standing bed tray that you've set up with all of its accessories.

The comfy, but not overstuffed, cushion wedge underneath the desk surface helps tilt the surface forward while preventing legs from getting overheated. It also comes in six different colors.

Best for Breakfast in Bed
PENGKE Bed Tray Table
PENGKE amazon.com

Made from bamboo wood, this bargain-friendly, fold-up bed tray is a sturdy and easy-to-clean eating surface. Its raised handles allow you to easily carry it from the kitchen to the bedroom for an indulgent breakfast in bed.

Its raised border and lack of adjustable features make it much better suited as an eating surface than for working on for long stretches of time.

Best for Storing Your Stuff
Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk
Mavo Craft amazon.com

This under-$20 lap desk features legs that fold under and a top that folds up, so you can store it — and items inside of it — as easily as possible.

Users note that this isn't a high-end-looking product, as the entire unit is made of plastic, but it's a great surface to use for painting, coloring, or other craft projects where things could get a little messy. The large storage component hidden underneath the surface is a handy feature for holding supplies.

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