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The Best Bed Risers to Boost Your Bedroom’s Storage Space

Don’t sweat the small space.

bed risers

Back-to-school season is upon us, and the time for stocking up for dorm decor is now. College-issued bed frames usually aren't high enough to fit an undergrad's mountain of stuff, so investing in bed risers (that you'll use for campus life and beyond) are a must.

But they're not just ideal for students. Bed risers are platforms that are usually made of heavy-duty plastic or wood, and they not only add extra lift to bed frames, but smaller 1-inch-high furniture lifts can raise an awkwardly low couch or desk as well.

The Best Bed Risers

Before you add the first set you see to your cart, consider the height of your bed risers. Extra-tall heights might result in an awkwardly high bed, so consider the maximum amount of height that you would add to your bed at home and choose accordingly. Some of these sets come in smaller size increments, which is great if you want just a little lift or if you want more customization flexibility. If you're buying furniture lifts to boost a couch's height, keep in mind if your couch is irregularly shaped and needs more than the standard four risers that come in a set.

Also, some brief but heavy lifting is involved with setting up bed risers. You can just set the legs of your bed frame right on top of each of them, or into their designated notch. We usually install them one at a time, lifting each corner of the bed to set on top of each riser. But if you don't have the ability to lift the corners of your bed yourself, it's a good idea to have some help on hand before you get started.

The right set of bed risers can easily help you maximize the storage potential in your small-space dwelling and give your bed a boost. And best of all, they're a very affordable investment — check out our guide here to learn more.

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Best Adjustable, Cone-Shaped Risers
Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers
Utopia Bedding amazon.com
$18.99 (30% off)

• Height Range: 3-8 inches
Available colors: 3

Now you don't have to be stuck with just one-bed height throughout your college career. This plastic bed riser set offers three different heights, lifting your frame 3, 5, or 8 inches higher. In the event that you downsize your stuff, you can make adjustments accordingly.

It also comes in brown, black, and white, so you can better match them to your bed frame.

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Best USB-Equipped Set
Bed Risers with Power Outlet and USB Ports
HOLDN’ STORAGE amazon.com

• Height: 7.25 inches
Available colors: 1

Underbed storage and 2-in-1 products become essential in a small space like a dorm room. These black bed risers may come in just one height and color option, but the set comes with one plug-in riser that can charge up to four of your devices within an arm's reach.

Best Basic Set
Black Bed Risers
Home-it amazon.com

• Height: 6 inches
Available colors: 1

This standard set of durable plastic polymer bed lifts may be no-frills, but they get the job done. Adding 6 inches to a frame, they have a 1-inch recessed crater at the top, which helps prevent casters from sliding off the edge.

Best Block Risers
Heavy Duty Stackable Bed Risers
BTSD-home amazon.com

• Height: 3 inches
Available colors: 4

These 3-inch-high, block-shaped risers come in a set of four, but they are built to click into each other to double the height. You might want to consider buying two of these sets if you want the flexibility to lift and lower your bed over time.

Available in four different colors, the exterior of these bed risers is made of heavy-duty plastic, and the top and bottom are padded with a rubbery material that prevents any sliding or scratching. 

Best Small-Size Risers
2-Inch Bed Risers
Utopia Bedding amazon.com
$18.99 (14% off)

• Height Range: 2-4 inches
Available colors: 3

Another stackable set, these eight plastic bed risers, are great if you don't want a lot of extra lift that would make it difficult to get into bed.

With these, you can elevate a low bed frame another 2 inches by themselves or 4 inches total when doubled up. They are equipped with rubber padding on the bottom and nonslip coating on top to prevent any shifting.

Best Scratch-Free Risers
Rubber-Coated Bed Risers
iPrimio amazon.com

• Height: 4 inches
• Available colors: 2

Like many of the other picks on this list, these bed risers are made of plastic, but they're equipped with a rubber-coated plate and base for added durability and to prevent them from scratching your floors. 

Giving your bed frame just a 3-inch boost, this set of bed risers grants dorm dwellers a little extra space for their laundry and any underbed organization.

Best Wooden Risers
Wooden Bed Lifts
Honey-Can-Do walmart.com

• Height: 3 inches
• Available colors: 2

If you have a wooden bed frame, this bed riser set adds a much more cohesive and sophisticated look to your decor. It comes in either a walnut or mahogany tone.

While you can opt for just one set to boost the bed an extra 3 inches, getting a second matching set allows you to lock them together. The risers all have a circular indent in the middle of them to hold frames of various sizes, with or without casters attached.

Best Wooden Furniture Lifts
Wooden Furniture Risers
FASONLA amazon.com

• Height Range: 1-2 inches
• Available colors: 1

Need to boost your sofa so that your robot vacuum can clean underneath it? This set of eight risers is a surprisingly attractive solution. 

A more sculptural take on traditional furniture risers, these circular, solid oak risers only add 1 inch of height each (or 2 inches when doubled), but they can be stacked up to four high in various configurations. You may need to purchase an additional set for the full, arty effect.

Best Clear Furniture Lifts
Stack-Its Adjustable Bed Risers
Slipstick amazon.com
$22.98 (12% off)

• Height Range: 1-2 inches
• Available colors: 1

These 1-inch-high clear plastic bed risers may be the most versatile option of them all. Available in a set of eight, they can slip under a bed frame or table for a small boost, or they can be doubled up for a total of 2 inches of added height.

We like that their recessed top holds swiveling casters in place and that they each have a rubber O ring on their bottoms to grip the floor without scratching it. 

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