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We Found the Best Nonstick Pans After Cooking Over 100 Meals

Needless to say, we're basically omelette experts now.

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Kayla Ramsey

If you make sticky egg dishes like omelettes, frittatas, or fried rice on the regular, you know how important a nonstick pan is for quick cleanup (and for keeping your cool in the kitchen). Using cookware that has a stick-resistant (but nontoxic) surface saves home cooks valuable time and energy during cleanup. Plus, who has the energy to slave over the kitchen sink after cooking that tasty meal? Not us!

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and have our team of home cook-extraordinaire editors put eight of these top-rated nonstick pans to the test. Over the course of a 3-week testing period, our editors tested the below models by preparing at least one low-heat dish (like an omelette or scrambled eggs) and one high-heat seared dish (like a piece of salmon or chicken breast) using no extra fat, butter, or oil during cooking.

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How We Tested
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Over the course of this 3-week testing period, we asked our editors to respond to the below criteria while evaluating these pans:

  1. How seamless was cleanup?
  2. Was there any food stuck to the pan as you were cooking or did your dish easily slide right off?
  3. Did your dish cook evenly?

In addition to the above testing criteria, we also asked editors to provide honest feedback on the aesthetic of the pan, weight of the pan, and how comfortable it was to use in-hand.

More than 100 home-cooked meals, hours of testing, and a lot of tasty omelettes later, here are the eight best nonstick pans for a serious cookware upgrade.

Learn more about how we test products, from the questions we ask our testing team, to the types of products we feel are actually worth testing, to the overall time we put in to our testing process.

Sturdiest Set
All-Clad Essentials Nonstick Pan Set (2-Piece Set)
All-Clad amazon.com

Number of Dishes Made: 8
Best Dishes Made:
Fried eggs, seared salmon

"After cooking sunny-side up and scrambled eggs, there was just a drop or two of egg remnants left in the pan. I was shocked at how well the eggs cooked without any sort of oil!  

“The cleanup has been a breeze. I use a wand sponge that’s safe on nonstick pans, and since there’s been minimal food stuck after cooking, I’ve had no issues with a light scrub with hot water and soap. I’ve made sure to let the pan cool completely before cleaning to maintain its coating.

“The pan has a thick bottom, so it takes a little longer to heat up. Because of this, however, the eggs and salmon cooked more slowly and evenly. The fried eggs looked almost baked with a bubbly, light brown edge to them when they were cooked on medium heat. The salmon sizzled right away and came off the pan really easily, with just a bit of residue left along the edges of where the fish was.

“This is a heavy pan that tests the anchors holding it in my pot rack! The weight feels satisfyingly sturdy in use on the stove, though, and the black and silver design is both classic and sleek."

About the Tester: Bridget Clegg is the art production manager for BestProducts.com.

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The Prettiest Set
HexClad Hybrid Non-Stick Cookware (7-Piece Set)
HEXCLAD amazon.com

Number of Dishes Made: 10
Best Dish Made
: Seared steak

"This is the easiest-to-clean pan I’ve ever owned. No matter what I cook, all the cleanup requires is a simple wipe-down with a damp paper towel and it’ll look like it was never used.

“I’ve cooked eggs, melted cheese straight into the pan, and seared steaks and fish, and it all glides off seamlessly. When cooking with sauces and such, there may be an odd piece of food stuck to the pan after, but nothing that needs scrubbing or scraping off.

“With my old, bought-it-at-the-supermarket pans, I’d notice wonky consistency when cooking — like my eggs running to one side. But these pans are made specifically to evenly distribute heat, so even on the lowest cooking setting, my food cooks through no matter where it is on the pan. 

“The pan is aesthetically beautiful with its diamond cut. It’s heavy in the hand, which makes it feel all the more high-end and right for any job. The one caveat: The first time you use the pan, before cooking anything, it’s suggested you season it a bit first by adding a touch of oil, spreading it around with a towel, and letting it seep into the pan for about 3 minutes. After that, there’s really no upkeep."

About the Tester: Scott Simone is the managing editor for BestProducts.com.

Best Temperature Control
T-fal Thermo-Spot Nonstick Fry Pan
T-fal amazon.com
$19.99 (20% off)

Number of Dishes Made: 10
Best Dishes Made:
Shrimp scampi, veggie stir-fry

"This nonstick pan has a heat indicator at its center that turns opaque when the pan has reached the ideal temperature for cooking. It essentially gives you the go-ahead to start searing, so you can avoid putting your produce on too early before the entire pan gets sizzling hot. 

“Additionally, an even heat-distribution base disperses the warmth from edge to edge to prevent hot spots, and allows for multiple pieces of meat to get the same amount of color on each side.

“Cleanup is incredibly easy with this pan! This pan is dishwasher-safe, but since I don’t need to cook with oils while using this pan, I always hand wash it with soap and water because there usually isn’t much to clean." — Z.K.

"This pan is lightweight and easy to maneuver with one hand. While cooking, I found that I do have to be cognizant of how hot the pan is before adding food to it. Though this pan is nonstick, if I cracked an egg or sautéed skin-on fish in the pan without it being preheated, the food would stick and I’d need to use a spatula to wedge it free. I would advise that users let the pan heat up for a little longer than they think necessary before adding their ingredients to it, especially if there’s no oil in the pan." — M.Y.

About the Testers: Zarah Kavarana is a contributing editor for BestProducts.com. Melanie Yates is the senior home decor editor for BestProducts.com.

Lightweight Pick
Farberware Nonstick Fry Pan
Farberware amazon.com
$30.20 (38% off)

Number of Dishes Made: 15
Dish Made: Pancakes

"Cleanup was really easy with most of the meals I made because I didn't have to use extra oil or butter to prevent food from sticking. When I made dishes like pancakes or scrambled eggs, there was more food residue left on the pan, but I was able to clean it off easily with a sponge without having to put any elbow grease into it.

“It was awesome cooking things I usually avoid, like pancakes, because they were easy to flip and practically slid from the pan to the plate. When I made steak, I didn't use oil and nothing stuck to the pan which was amazing.

“The pan did a great job on my finicky burners and everything turned out evenly-cooked. Even when I burned a few things, nothing stuck to the pan.

“I've always had a hard time with heavy cookware and this pan was light enough for me to comfortably cook with without feeling like I was going to snap a wrist! The grip was also super sturdy. I was careful to use only wooden and plastic utensils so I wouldn't scratch the pan, and even after several weeks of nearly daily use, it still looks brand new."

About the Tester: Kayla Ramsey is the photo editor and designer for BestProducts.com.

Most Durable
Calphalon Nonstick Pan (2-Piece Set)
Calphalon williams-sonoma.com

Number of Dishes Made: 15
Best Dishes Made:
Eggs, salmon, and chicken breast

"I registered for my set of nonstick pans from Calphalon for my wedding in 2010 — and have only replaced one pan in nearly 10 years! We use the pans every single day — and we cook a ton. 

“Cleanup is a breeze. You need a little bit of running water, dish soap, and a soft sponge. No scrubbing is needed! For pans that have been well-cared for, nothing sticks. Eggs slide right out, salmon skin doesn’t get stuck to the bottom, and fried rice gets perfectly browned.

“For the low price, and knowing they’ll last at least nine years, these nonstick pans from Calphalon are totally worth it." — C.A.

"I’ve been using my Calphalon pan for months, and I can't tell you how much of a lifesaver it has been. The Calphalon pan has a nonstick surface that makes even the most complicated dish easier to cook (without scraping at the bottom).

“It’s also super deep, which I love. That depth allows me to make dishes with sauces and gravy without crossing my fingers in the hopes that nothing with spill over. These can be a bit weighty, but there’s something about a pan that feels firm and secure that I like. Plus, they have a gorgeous black nonstick surface and a brushed stainless steel handle that looks so professional. 

“Calphalon knows how to make a pan that anyone will love, fusing a good blend of functionality and beauty in one pan." — S.F.

About the Testers: Christine Anderson is the executive editor of audience for BestProducts.com. Sanah Faroke is the contributing editor for BestProducts.com.

Best Handfeel
Made In Nonstick Frying Pan
Made In Cookware madeincookware.com

Number of Dishes Made: 10
Best Dishes Made:
 Pan-seared shrimp, browned chicken sausage

"There's a lot to love about this nonstick pan from Made In, from the perfectly-angled sides to its even heating to the clean aesthetics. I actually look forward to using this pan to cook eggs, steak, salmon, and shrimp, since I know I won't have to worry about a messy, arduous cleanup. 

“The only time I experienced some leftover food sticking to the pan was when I let the pan get a little too hot while cooking a fried egg without any oil the first time. A simple scrub with warm water and dish soap got the residue right off though. 

“For everyday quick low-heat foods (especially eggs) and high-heat sears for protein like chicken sausage, salmon, and steak, I can't speak highly enough about this nonstick pan. It's a nice medium-weight pan with a substantial-but-not-wrist-breaking hand-feel. 

“Also, look at how pretty this pan is! The navy blue interior looks super sleek against the stainless steel finish. This is a stunner."

About the Tester: Danielle St. Pierre is the senior food/drink editor for BestProducts.com.

Best Design
Material Kitchen's The Coated Pan
Material Kitchen materialkitchen.com

Number of Dishes Made: 4
Favorite Dish Made: 
Chicken stir-fry

"Using this pan compared to my regular pans was life-changing. It was so easy to clean, and I will definitely be using it over my other pans moving forward.

“My eggs slide right off. I also made a stir-fry starting with chicken to see how that cooked, and I had no issues with that sticking at all. But I did use a tiny bit of oil at the end of the cooking process, so that helped with the dish sliding out super easily. 

“I seriously love this pan. The only downside is that it’s super heavy, so it does take a little concentration to clean it, especially if you have a smaller sink. I also love the aesthetic, as it has a different look than most fry pans — more angled sides as opposed to rounded ones — and a dark green interior color. It’s a nice change from the typical black!

About the Tester: Erica Murphy is the associate director, SEO for BestProducts.com.   

Best for Single Servings
Equal Parts Nonstick Small Pan
Equal Parts equalparts.com

Number of Dishes Made: 34
Best Dishes Made:
Salmon, fish fillets, and breakfast sausage

"I cooked mainly salmon and fish in this pan. The salmon cooked perfectly and did not stick without the addition of any fat, but I found I still liked to add fat to the pan for better flavor.

“The pan is lightweight and has a lid which is essential for some dishes. I am a family of two with my 7-year-old, so the size of this pan is perfect. I can cook his morning sausages in there really quickly and two salmon filets for dinner at once.

“I have super huge pans and there are very few times that I even pull them out. The nonstick factor comes in handy for clean-up especially. I am a pescatarian and my son is not, so I love that I can make his beloved morning sausage links, quickly clean the pan, and make my breakfast after. 

“To be honest, I’ve used this pan just about every day since the testing and have abandoned my two go-to smaller pans."

About the Tester: Latifah Miles is the parenting editor for BestProducts.com.

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